I took my 9 year old Morkie to our regular vet for a routine check up only to find an abnormality in his stomach. They took an x-ray which showed a mass and then told me it might be a splenic tumor but without an ultrasound couldn't say for sure. They referred me to Blue Pearl to do the ultrasound and followed that with "should this be a splenic tumor, we can save you money and remove the spleen BUT, if you can afford to, keep him there".

I immediately went home and google searched EVERYTHING. Including reviews. I wasn't loving what I was reading and was super concerned that my vet had referred me to them. I almost didn't even bring my dog to the appointment I had scheduled until I talked to a few people who had actually BEEN there.

Dr. Wallace was the first person I spoke to from Blue Pearl. She immediately put my racing mind to ease, answered some questions regarding my upcoming appointment and assured me this was the best place for my furbaby. I saw Dr. Gill today, who again was super comforting, explained what they were going to do and what the possible outcomes were. They did the ultrasound and brought me back to a private room to talk about the results as I was already a sobbing mess in the waiting room. Once they confirmed the splenic tumor, NEVER ONCE did they make me feel that they were after my money. In fact, they said my regular vet could perform the removal if I wished. They never pressured me to move forward with surgery, or not to, just gave me the facts and options. She talked to me as if my dog was a human which is just exactly what I needed.

We are bringing our pup in tomorrow morning - to Blue Pearl - to have his spleen removed and are praying for the biopsy to show a benign tumor. I am comforted by the fact that he will be receiving the best care and that I am doing all I can for a beloved member of our family.

I have never left an online review before, however, after being so pleasantly surprised by the care we received today, I knew I had to. Please do not pass on Blue Pearl because of a few bad reviews. You will miss out on quality care by quality doctors. I will tell you exactly what my vet told me - if you can afford it, do it. If you can't - look into care credit.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1250933

I hope your loved one made it ok. My loved died because of the lying about diagnostic reports and not understanding medications she was placed on and their devastating results when they were used in her case.

Not all Vets are liars, greedy, and incompetent. The one who treated my girl was and unfortunately was a Blue Pearl Vet. There are too many conflicts of interest with using Blue Pearl. They are rewarded for unnecessary diagnostics, treatment, and procedures.

You are at the mercy of their bonuses and motivation to pay the rent and expenses on these palaces of technology.

Winter Haven, Florida, United States #1242562

This is an example of what I encountered when I took my beloved Pug, Hooch, to see Dr. Kane. Thank you Blue Pearl.

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