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Worst place ever! Take your pet and run!

My regrets will follow me to my grave. Our little one was on some heavy meds they give cancer patients for pain. They stopped her lungs from working. It wasn't necessary to give hardcore drugs like methadone and fentanyl AND without owners permission.

Blue Pearl was bought out by Mars Corporation this time last year. January 2016. That's like McDonalds buying a human hospital. Sick!

More animals will die at Blue Pearl and they will charge unnecessary amounts of money people cannot afford.

Local vets need to wake up and stop supporting this money hungry of a mess Corporation! I fired Blue Pearl for killing our dog and my vet for referring us.

Review about: Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They "over-sedated" as they put it, to the point my dog had brain damage!!!! They also ignored my concerns about how heavily sedated our dog was as I am a nursing assistant until his heart rate dropped.

We still haven't been told exactly what happened. They also took out his spleen without our permission and ignored other complications. They claim it wouldn't have changed the outcome because he had cancer, but he didn't deserve to suffer so many days in their care!!!! He was a loyal companion and one of our family.

They charged us thousands on top of it. Shame on you Blue Pearl!

to Anonymous #1355989

They over sedated my friend's dog too to the point they brought her dog into the lobby unable to stand and it looks weeks and weeks for the dog to come out of it. the dog was never the same.

they made up all sorts of excuses blaming it on something else that didn't exist. BluePearl and any of it's "partners" do not know what they are doing when it comes to animal health. My other friend's veterinarian was furious because they nearly blinded her client's dog, a patient of her. Bad place this Bluepearl racket, evil.

Even some of their own employees admit the bad reviews and what goes on behind closed doors. The good vets have left there knowing what they are all about and Bluepearl doesn't make it easy for those vets departing.

Westwood, New Jersey, United States #1314295

Stay away from this place

Chaska, Minnesota, United States #1296809

Same thing has happened with us and our dog is now deceased. Did you take any action?

to Bill #1312375

SUE THEM! Yes, they give Fentanyl to these little ones, and this is what happens.

Fentanyl is a NARCOTIC, which is a a form of heroin, and is 100 times STRONGER. They should be prohibited from hiring all the ROOKIE vets, too, fresh out of Veterinary Colleges, who don't know what they are doing, in the first place. Our pet was OVERDOSED by them and also died BECAUSE of them. There was no need to give him this drug.

But I suspect it's because they are only using it, in an experimental fashion, so as to get data to give to the drug company that makes it.

By the way, FENTANYL is NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA, FOR USE IN ANIMALS!!!!! Tell them to sample it - on THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1365189

there is actually a veterinary specific (yes, FDA approved) injectable formulation of fentanyl for dogs and cats alike. you are correct re: the transdermal patches, however these are also commonly used legally and safely in pets, albeit "extra label".

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