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Update by user Mar 04, 2015

Dee Dee was treated at Bluepearl veterinary partners for something she did not have, which ended her life! The proof is in her records. This is the truth.

Original review posted by user Mar 04, 2015

Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Louisville Dr. Rizzo.

Dee Dee my lab, retriever mix of 6 years had to be euthanized on 11/30/2014, after being treated by Dr. Rizzo. Dee Dee had an occasional limp. Dee Dee was referred by Bullitt county veterinary center.

Dee Dee under went biopsies of all small joints, before diagnostics and labs came back, (negative), and put on high doses of prednisone and antibiotics, and an anti rejection drug. Labs showed liver function problems. You don't put humans or animals on high doses of these drugs, with liver function problems. I have all or most of Dee's records, I'm a RN, I can read labs.

Dee developed pancreatitis and ascites, liver failure. This could of been stopped, before she deteriorated and was too far gone, but was ignored. Went in for a simple limp and 19 days later had to be euthanized. Dr.

Rizzo kept my partner and I in the dark, very little communication from him. This was sloppy incompetent care. I could go on, I could write a book on Dee's treatment at Bluepearl vet partners louisville. The money I spent doesn't mean a thing to us, I would of spent more.

The treatment and untruths we and Dee received were and are appalling.

Dr. Rizzo insulted my partner and I, when my partner came to pick up Dee's ashes!!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of veterinary services. Bluepearl Veterinary Partners needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I am so very sorry that your beloved pet was treated that way. If you are willing and able, please visit, It is a blog recently established to not only share my dog's horrible experience, but to share any pet owner's horrible experience at BluePearl. Thank you.


Please read The Rainbow Bridge review.

I wrote it for you.rixipa

to Anonymous #1121928

Thanks. Please contact me at my email, I have a lot to share and tell about Dee's case.



Losing a friend because it is their time hurts, but losing them just because of greed and unethical behavior must hurt so much more.

I'm really sorry for your loss.


I am truly sorry for your loss.

My beloved companion and service dog had surgery two weeks ago.

The type of surgery is call the BillRoth.

The surgeon had to enter my Yorkies stomach and remove a tumor. According to the surgeon ( who has 20 years experience) the surgery went well. Spiky was in recovery and the criticalist , who we by the way paid extra for, inserted a feeding tube to alleviate processing food in his stomach for a faster recovery. Upon insertion she inserted the tube into his trachea instead of his osaphogus and punctured his lung.

spiky passed 30 mins later.

I have obtained the medical report indicating these details. did you ever pursue this from a legal standpoint, vet license revoked etc ?

to Anonymous #1425885

Can you contact me at I have a reporter interested in our stories.

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