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We were told by message that we were offered treatment and test we declined......basically lie. We refused X-ray to her unaffected area and a testfor Lyme, As she had recently had her annual get done by our vet and she is on continuous flea and tick medicine.

When our vet looked at the xrays that blue pearl took, they immediately saw the problem that both the ER vet and the radiologist (which we paid an extra $140 for to make Sure nothing was missed) from blue pearl missed. We paid for the exam and xrays needed to diagnose her. She needed steroids. We were given no explanation and offered nothing more than more xrays and a Lyme test(which would have both shown nothing).

The X-rays we paid for and considering her breed and age (dobermans being the most common bred to get wobblers and 6 being the most common age of onset) and the fact THAT IS WAS CLEARLY VISIBLE ON HER X-RAYS TAKEN AND LOOKED AT BY THEM THAT NIGHT the diagnosis should have been obvious. Instead we paid almost $700 and carried her out to our car as she was completely unable to walk. I was very offended by blue Perl’s response that insinuated we were offered all these other tests and treatments that would have found or helped the problem as that was simply not the case. I feel so should be reimbursed for her entire visit, but would like to not pay the $140 for the radiologist definitely.

And not pay for the exam.

I will be happy to pay for the sedation and X-rays. But I was offended that they implied the case was any different than it was.

Original review posted by user Dec 04, 2018

We took our very large 6 year old female Doberman to the ER on a Saturday night after she became unable to walk. She had had increasing difficulty since the previous day and no history of any problems before.

We were originally quoted almost a thousand dollars basically for X-rays and to check for Lyme disease....no. We ended up agreeing to part of the xrays and paid over $600 for those and receiving no answers. We literally carried a 110lb dog to the car with NO idea why she could not walk. They were supposed to call us about an hour later when the radiologist double checked her xrays.

We never received any call. On Monday we took our dog the our regular vet and they looked at the xrays and our 75 year old horse vet immediately saw the problem.....she had lesions on her spine and several areas of discs pressing on her spinal cord....wobblers. Dobermans are the most common breed to get this disease and 6 years is the most common age of onset. I cannot believe that this had never even been suggested this to us by the ER staff after over $600 for xrays and the evaluation of the vet.

They saw nothing on the same X-rays. My horse vet saw it immediately. He also checked for Lyme, which we knew would be negative, for about a third the price of their same test. Our baby got a shot of steroids from our vet right then and was able to walk within hours.

She will need to be on steroids for 2 months. So we basically gave them almost $700 ($140 of which was for the radiologist to doublecheck the X-rays after the vet to assure nothing was missed) and got NOTHING. Thank God for horse vets that can read an X-ray and give a steroid shot.

Our vet looked at Saturday’s X-rays, sedated her and took a few more xrays, examined our dog, did basic blood work and gave steroids for about $200. I feel robbed by blue pearl.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

  • Improper Medical Care
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