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Run out the door. You have got to see my astronomical bill from the 55th street hospital.

I did not have the cash so, they give me this credit card with a $5,000 credit. I have to say I feel like I am the victim of PREDITOR LENDING bcuz after 6 mos. It jumps to 26% APR. At first I was quoted $2,000, then I was approved for this credit card for 5,000 and at that point I knew, they were going to charge me around $5,000.

Sure nuff.. They stress the emergency and surgery must be done immediately. You can tell everyone is fully trained on what to say, like super friendly robots. So..

My 3 yr. old cat had a piece of rubber from a toy stuck in her stomach/intestines and had to have it removed. It took 1 hour to 1hr. 30 minutes from the time I left my cat at the hospital for surgery until the surgery was completed.

Not long after I left the ultrasound was done, they informed me of the blockage. I felt pressured so I told them to proceed with the surgery. I received a call that my cat was waking up from the surgery and doing fine approximately 45 minutes later after I told them to proceed with surgery. Note, the actually surgery cost $888.50; the ultrasound cost $521.50.

Why is my bill $4,770 ? See actual bill in photo section. I’ve had cats all my life and am only experienced with feline cancer surgeries. This was a simple popcorn procedure.

Judge for yourselves, I’m posting my actual invoice.

My advice, got to a regular neighborhood animal hospital. They are for rich people only, they clearly over charge.

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You are so on the money (lots of $$$$$$) about this sham and shameful veterinary practice. Our bill was about $12,000 for a bunch of incompetent, negligent and some downright abusive veterinarians that killed our precious one.

bluepearl is a slimy, corporate-based veterinary chain that greedily mops up other vet hospitals leaving us few options for any quality emergency vets after they buy out other vet hospitals along with their new owner MARS the king of vivisectionists, promoters of poor quality pet foods and along with bluepearl, a lawsuit against them not only for the bogus "prescription diets" food claims but lawsuits and state board complaints against bluepearl, banfield, vca all piling up against them, rightly so. This horrendous place is running on a bunch of rookie, green vets barely out of school with little if any experience who are misdiagnosing, learning on, harming and killing our pets. Even the independent vets are now skeptical of them and some vets are no longer referring to them and sending clients elsewhere. Beware of any vet that automatically routes their calls after hours to them.

You are also spot on with their vets and staff being like robots spewing off catch phrases and greasy sales pitches and bartering their estimates and pushing you to keep getting more Care Credit approved into the tens of thousands $$$$$$ cha-ching (hey bluepearl, how about an actual legitimate TREATMENT PLAN and not padding the bill by doing unnecessary tests and marking up your prices well beyond what other vets charge as our pets are not the used cars you treat them like), listening to their *** pitches while your sick pet desperately waits for treatment in an emergency, as if they are reciting from a textbook (most of the vets there are doing just that -- working off textbooks with little experience and barely any supervision by an experienced vet). They cover themselves well with their well paid on retainer, sleazy attorneys and their own PR department that latches on to any puff piece feel good story they can get their grubby hands on. Their questionable Frankies Funds is a joke. Wed love to see the true statistics of that fund showing proven actual donations vs.

proven what and who theyve given funding to. They use the unsuspecting and desperate animal rescue groups, permitting their inexperienced vets and vet techs to work on sick rescue animals while gouging them for thousands of dollars per animal and will suck onto any feel good animal rescue story they can get that will earn them brownie points and save their tarnished image. In the name of God, please protect your pets and if you have an alternative, never take them to a bluepearl vet or any of their partners that they own. If you must, then get the credentials of the vet you see there, full names and length of time they have practiced.

Obtain copies of your pets complete medical records, x-rays, images, labs, etc. after every single appointment.

Its the law they must provide them to you. If anyone suspects veterinary negligence or abuse by any of their vets, staff or unethical practices, file a State Board reports within your States statute of limitations.

Forest Hills, New York, United States #1241291

BluePearl overcharges and the have been bought my Banfield another mill. They play on your emotions.

Paradise Valley, Arizona, United States #1224550

Surgery is expensive. Did your cat do ok??

If so, count your blessings and move on.

Obviously they would have kept the cat until it was stable.

Maybe that's where the charges are.

Besides, I would think you'd be happy that they did an emergency surgery right away.

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