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My cat Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer this past September. We had the doctors at the Blue Pearl speciality hospital run tests, do x-rays, ct scans. The doctors said the BEST course of treatment for her cat was to AMPUTATE to prevent the spread of cancer. After much agonizing consideration, we followed the veterinary specialist's advice. A few weeks AFTER the amputation, the doctor told us that it turned out that THE MASS WAS BENIGN and CHARLOTTE'S LEG HAD BEEN AMPUTATED UNNECESSARILY.

Afterwards, we found out that the doctor had WITHHELD VITAL INFORMATION from an original lab report. The information that the doctor FAILED TO DISCLOSE prior to amputating could have prevented this unnecessary and life-altering procedure.

________________________________________________ />PLEASE READ CHARLOTTE'S STORY:http://www.justiceforcharlotte.blogspot.com

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CHECK REVIEWS! Had I researched BluePearl more prior to Charlotte's procedure, I would have seen the lawsuits and complaints about this place and the staff.

The best thing that you can do to prevent situations like this is to research your veterinarian before you choose one. All of the organizations listed below keep public records and you can view them and check out any other complaints that may have been filed against your veterinarian.

State Veterinary Medical Board (in your home state)

American Veterinary Medical Association

American Animal Hospital Association

Better Business Bureau

Most of these organizations conduct their own investigation of each complaint and determine which fines, if any, should be applied.

Another resource that you can use is word of mouth. If you're considering using a new veterinarian, be sure to talk to other clients and find out what their position and opinion is on him. This is probably one of your best resources, because it's the best way to get a clear and honest opinion.

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Contact an animal legal rights attorney in your area. Or file a complaint with your States Attorney's Generals office (this will not cost you a cent) and can be done on line.


Cats are being killed by the thousand at shelters . Go and adopt a dozen !

Corinth, Mississippi, United States #942043

That's terrible. I don't know what to say.

I just had to comment though, Charlotte is a beautiful kitty.

Poor thing. At least she has an owner that loves her.

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