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I took my beautiful Giant Schnauzer here. And they told me on a Monday-she wasn't critical.

And her intestinal IBD could be treated. All they did was shove drugs down her throat. She wasn't eating due to diarhea and only vomited 1 day before I ended up here. They gave her anti diarhea meds, anti nausea meds, anti vomit meds, metro, and lastly prednisone.

They killed her. She was brought out to me in a DIAPER that smelled like it had been on for HOURS. AFTER they had given her anti diarhea meds for days. Guess the ant-diarhea meds didn't work -did they?

Because WHY would any DR Supress diarhea, vomit, and the urge to vomit? Mother nature wants these toxins out! Kind of like putting a big band aid over the mouth and anus-to hold in-what should come out. NO COMMON SENSE whatsoever.

I was in SHOCK! The metro to clear up the infection-wiped out all her friendly bacteria in her gut. And the prednisone-caused her own body to attack itself. And I pd over 4,000 for this.

For my dog to be starved to death. When were nutrients going to come into the picture ? You can't expect a dog to take any food. Till you heal the gut without drugs.

Drugs don't heal. They suppress the root cause of the problem. Which was never addressed. My dog became a cesspool of drugs.I will be fighting all these ridiculous charges.

That caused my dog to die a tortuous death. RUN, RUN, RUN from this place! After I pd big monies- I was told I could not speak to the Dr. anymore.

Anyone who wants to contact me-it's Something has to be done here

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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