I have no complaints.I took my cat in for emer.

Mon and the staff and the two vet. Drs have treat us with kindness and caring. If my Ted cant be home with me this is the next best place.i feel they are very knowledgeableand they are aware of all the quirks each individuals has. Ive have talked to several individuals and their goal is to get our loved ones back home to us and to have a rich life.

Those are the words of dr eli. These are caring, loving, knowledgeable people.

Yes, its not cheap, but life isnt.I feel for the people that cant afford the care and wish that wasnt an issue.God bless our pets (babies) and the people who try to help them.

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss good customer service of positive experience. BluePearl Veterinary Partners needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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So if you had such a great experience with this corporate money making chop shop why are you posting on a site called "pissedconsumer"?You must be friends of these horrible vets, work for them or refer to them.

go away troll freak.

people and pets have suffered enough because of bluepearl's negligence without having to deal with low lifes that that lurk online to support animal abuse by vets.if they are so worried about their bad reviews, perhaps they should employ legitimate, top notch vets and not loser vets that destroy pets lives instead of asking friends to troll for them.


I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience, but many of us are not so lucky.

Yeah, life's not cheap and I don't think any of us expect vet bills to be, but as an EMERGENCY FACILITY, Blue Pearl should definitely be more wiling to work with patients who can't afford to pay Up Front.I don't know about everywhere else, but at the location near me all they offer in terms of "help" for those who can't afford the bill on the spot is a credit card application.

That suggestion may be helpful for some people in the moment, but not everyone can even get approved for said credit card. Generally speaking, no matter what your financial standing, emergencies tend to happen when you are not prepared for them, and they can't be avoided, no matter how we may try.

That's the whole point of facilities like this existing, and this one is simply not fulfilling their purpose.

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