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This is my 2nd visit at this Vet and both were bad but not as bad as this one. Here's why: I went to them at 5:30 am for my dog that got into a fight with a raccoon and got bit on the tail and hind leg. I cleaned and bandaged it after getting it to stop bleeding. I was distraught about the event.

I indicated why I was there and still the girl at the front continued to detail another persons visit. I get that but why didn't they call the doc or someone from the back to alleviate my concerns or to let me know that things are OK or triage? I was able to get him there within 40 min of the event. When it was finally my turn they get his weight and walk him back.

5 min later they bring my dog back and says the doc wants to talk with me. That concerned me and I get nervous. Then this guy comes out in scrubs as if he's a vet - I truly think he was an intern or some assistant. He gave false info and was very uncaring to my situation , mono toned, rattles off info real quick and did not present the plan of action very clearly at all.

When I asked for clarification he looks at me bewildered. In fact, he never assessed my dog because he said he was afraid he'd get bit. What? I indicated he's been to many vets and I've held him while they check every orifice, shots, cleaning of wounds etc.

No issues. This guy belongs in a different profession for sure. He wanted to sedate him and then give him a Rabies boost, clip and clean, meds, IVs, antibiotics, etc for the low end of $750 to high end of $1,200 and there is a 20% error possibility for price increasing. Later I find out from the kind folks at Banfield Pet Hospital at the landing that Rabies is vary uncommon in WA and usually from Bats.

I found the same on the WA site: https://www.doh.wa.gov/YouandYourFamily/IllnessandDisease/Rabies that indicates only 4 cases in 25 years! Also, that a vaccination or shot will not cure it if he were to have it already from the bite - only vaccinated against getting it for later. So what was the boost all about buddy!! I asked what I owed at that point because I wanted out of there, and he said an office visit of $120.

I indicated that I shouldn't have to pay for something that was never assessed but assumed from a guess and he indicated that he would determine things after I committed to the plan and he did his exploratory work on him. I said NO! I wanted to leave and asked whom should I discuss this with to ensure I'm not charged: He said he would not charge me and would take care of it. At least he did that much.

I went home - spent time thoroughly cleaning it, then washed it with rubbing alcohol, applied Polysporin ointment then bandaged firm but not too tightly around the tail and foot.

Then gave him a treat! I feel better that I was able to give my dog that best possible care myself and very disappointed that supposedly certified professionals are incompetent, relate falsified information for the purpose of draining your wallet during your time of need and whilst you are in distress. SHAME ON YOU BluePearl PET HOSPITAL. They are not a real Emergency Vet Clinic ....

nahhh - More like Emergency Money Maker with Incompetent care - Never again! It's expensive and more doesn't mean better -and in this case it's pure thievery, scamming for your money and incompetence! You guys messed with the wrong family - I love my dog like a son.

Shame on You - Hope you go bankrupt. Go anywhere else but here like: Banfield or Value Vet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Cons: Money hungry operation, Money hungry veterinarian, Incompetent, Uncaring, Did nothing to help.

  • Improper Medical Care
  • Unfeeling Vet
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