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These complaints we make to one another help us deal with anger and grief. They just do not go far enough.

The only way to create change is to send written complaints with documentation (medical records) to the appropriate agencies. Every state has an Attorney general's office and a Board of Veterinary examiners and licensing. The have online complaint forms and services. Everyone of us has a state senator or representative to write to or easily make a call to them.

No one that can make change reads our comments or keeps up with these businesses. They can only act when they are made aware of the problem, by us contacting them. They will do nothing without our voices written down and recorded. You can also submit problems with suspect drug causes and misuse to the FDA.

You can file these problems when the animal is owned by you and drugs are suspected. You can submit your cases to state Veterinary medical associations, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Veterinary's individual American College of Veterinary specialization ( Internal Medicine, Surgery, Dermatology, etc.). If we do not document and make these agencies aware of the problem Vets and businesses, Not one thing will change! I have documented my case and it is not easy, but it is the only way to be truly heard.

If we really love and cherish our loved ones and their memories we have to complain to those that need to be informed. The first step is not letting a Vet give you a diagnosis or suspect diagnosis without having evidence (diagnostics). You also have to see the report and ask questions. You have to question the medications and treatment proposed.

Most Vets dismiss drug safety issues. If they have never seen it, then it doesn't happen. Most cases are never an emergency. There is usually time for a second opinion.

Trust is given carelessly and it is killing our pets. Specialists make as many mistakes as a family Vet does. They are only better and more cleaver at covering it up, counting on your trust and lack of research into Veterinary Medicine. There is little to no checks and balances in Veterinary Medicine.

There is no insurance company, Doctor, nurse, hospital, board, or others questioning the medical decisions being made. There is no quality assurance team, medical review board, others looking for mistakes/errors and making diagnosing/treatments safer. The Veterinary medical community is the only medical body dealing with valuable life that is self regulating and self policing. There are too many conflicts of interests that come into play when we pay cash/credit for services with no oversight.

Yes there are many laws and statues on the books, but they are never enforced. The Veterinary community operates with total immunity for both accountability and legal action. There is no lawyer that will take your case. It is costly, requires a Vet to testify against one another, and besides there is no guarantee of big money awards.

Your loved one is chattel "property", just like a suit of damaged clothing. We have to stop trusting and do more questioning. We need to have the facts, evidence (diagnostics), and examinations explained to us before we make medical decisions for our loved ones. They are children with no voice.

We need to ask a lot of questions and get the answers before we subject them to drugs, surgeries, and treatment. We need to have a clear diagnosis, not a guess. This suspicion and guessing gets many of our animals injured or killed by those that are supposed to help them. There's not a single drug on this planet that is not a risk.

We need to have good understandable written information on how these drugs work in our specific animal and that case. We need honesty with the risks and complications these drug pose for our animals. We just trust and take for granite that the Vet knows these drugs, all the complications and things that could go wrong. We trust that they take into account benefits versus the risks.

This is our biggest mistake. Understand, they sell and dispense these drugs (big revenues)! That is a huge conflict of interest. They make many mistakes that they are not required to report.

They are experts in explaining away what really happened and replacing it with excuses and well rehearsed talking points that suggest unexpected events occurred beyond anyone's control. We swallow these lies, get over the anger, and allow this incompetence to continue unpunished and unsupervised. If we continue to fail to report and document these errors and mistakes, it allows those that are incompetent, to continue to place others' loved ones in harm's way.

Yes, please continue to inform the public of these outrageous mistakes and lives destroyed, but take the time to send the complaints and make the calls. You can make a difference!

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Can you contact me at wiseheidi445@gmail.com. We have a reporter interested in our stories.


I agree! Does everyone want to start a class action lawsuit?

I'm ready! They damaged our dog. We all need to find a way to connect.

I am Serling council and need to know how many are willing to fight for our pets. Please respond.

to Anonymous #1362792

We had a horrific experience at a Blue Pearl veterinary clinic in the state of Washington. I am filing a complaint with the Department of Health who oversees veterinary clinics in our state.

in addition I am contesting the charges on our credit card and have contacted our local TV station. we are willing together with anybody else to expose these people and shut them down.

Please contact me I would be more than interested in being involved in a class action suit to makeb elievers out of these people and to prevent them from hurting more people and their pets. Lynda Heath, handyami@hotmail.com

to Lynda Heath #1415334

Just saw your post and sent you an email

to Anonymous #1415331

Just saw your post and you may contact me at Ricdonl@aol.com

to Anonymous #1420425

I am very interested in joining my voice with others. Please contact me with information.

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