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On 09-04-2017 my wife and I brought in six four-day old puppies that had been found in a box in an abandoned building without their mother by a third party who was going to leave them on a shelter's front steps overnight. My daughter intervened, took the box with the puppies, called us and we picked up the puppies and drove to the Independence Blue Pearl to hopefully purchase puppy formula.

We explained this situation to the two receptionists, one was in training. We asked the receptionists if they had puppy formula available and as we had never bottle- fed puppies we also needed care instructions. We asked for the puppies to be examined to make sure their condition was stable. The only person who demonstrated ANY concern was the new receptionist.

The receptionist who was "training" the new receptionist told her " oh don't touch them they have all types of bacteria. Be sure to wash your hands . We realized the staff was very busy with emergencies but quickly a third employee came to take the puppies to the back to be examined. The puppies situation was again explained, i.e.

no mother. Soon the puppies were brought back to us and we were told the puppies " looked to be in good condition". It should be noted that on the bill no mention was made that a examination took place and no charge for examinations was on the bill. So we can only conclude that no examination occurred.

To reiterate we explained to both receptionists and to a staff member from the back our complete situation and that their mother was nowhere to be found. We were told by the staff member from the back that we would be given instructions on care of the puppies and someone would go through the instructions with us so that we could ask questions on anything we did not understand. After waiting for over an hour and a half a fourth staff member from the back dropped a printed instruction sheet in my lap and stated " good luck" and returned to the back. The only service we received from this facility was to be sold three cans of puppy formula.

We felt like they just wanted to be rid of us. When we returned home and read the instructions we discovered they were for supplemental puppy care where a mother was present to supply her milk. We cared for the puppies following the instruction sheet One of the puppies died early in the morning. Approximately 7:30 a.m.

my wife took the remaining puppies to Lakewood Animal Health Center. The staff at Lakewood went out of their way to care for the puppies. It should be pointed out they they were extremely busy also; however they demonstrated professionalism, concern and gave excellent care to the puppies. They discovered immediately one of the remaining puppies was not sucking and quickly went to work to help that puppy.

Unfortunately the puppy did not survive. I can only conclude that if a proper examination had been conducted at your facility it would have been discovered that two of the puppies were in distress and perhaps could have been saved. The puppies spent all day at Lakewood being fed, stimulated to defecate and urinate and monitored. The four puppies were much stronger and active when we picked them up.

I spent fifteen years as a field training officer for the Independence Police department. If I had a recruit that displayed the lack of concern and unprofessionalism your staff showed I would have flunked them for the day and suggested they should find a different profession. We have had several dogs and cats to Blue Peal at your facility for cancer care by doctors Layton and Lucas . They gave a great level of service to our animals.

Doctor Hatton at the Overland Park facility has also given our animals very good care which has increased their length and quality of life . We are very disappointed in the deterioration of the level of service and lack of professionalism displayed on September 4, 2017. We were more than willing and able to pay for the requested service and do not understand why we were denied. Two precious lives have been lost and this sad and perhaps avoidable experience with Blue Pearl Independence will last.

R.A. Cutsforth

Review about: Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: hire a staff that care for animals as much as the owners.

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