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My recent visit to Blue Pearl in Va Beach was, and I’m being kind, disappointing. My visit was a result of a non-emergency referral. Now, several reviewers have commented on reception/staff members being unprofessional in some way but most are 20 somethings there for a paycheck so this comes as no surprise. I found the reception staff to be professional and competent.

My observation deals with their apparent desire to up sell the client on medical procedures of questionable value at non-competitive costs. After the initial exam of my dog, it was recommended I leave the animal with them for 2 days of IV fluids and observation at an approximate cost of $3,000. Upon reviewing the estimate, I knew full well from recent experience, my Vet could perform a similar service for $280.00 and produce identical results. As an aside, time revealed this treatment was completely unnecessary but to be fair, we were uncertain at the time but the costs seemed exorbitant. At that point it was difficult to decide if I was actually in a animal hospital or an auto dealer repair shop listening to a mechanic drone on over a list of parts and labor while saying something like, “You should get this done buddy because we know how much you love your car!” Years ago I believe funeral parlors took a similar approach when up selling clients in moments of grief, stress or weakness.

Blue Pearl promotes the business as an emergency vet and fortunately we have other emergency vets in the area should I ever need one. The most enjoyable aspect of my visit was exiting through the front door realizing I would never have to return.

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